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postheadericon Different Ways Of Growing Weed

Growing weed is very complicated, but if we follow some way we can plant them successfully. We can make it in our kitchen garden by using some tips. Several methods of utilizing the cannabis seeds are there some of them are given below:

  • Hydroponic growing: this is the method let the plant growing in medium other than nutrient rich soil. Use nutrient water solution as growing medium for plants. In this method nutrient reaches into plant at the PH level. It lest pest problems, then you need not take care much, this leads to having good quality buds in your plants.
  • Ebb and flow hydroponics: in this method flowering of plants occur immediately compared to other methods. The strain pink Kush is helping to rapid growth of plants.
  • Aeroponics: this is the way of cultivation which is not using any growing medium. The roots of plants hang in air in a chamber, the air should be humid and chamber contains water. This method keep plants oxygenated. But it is a expensive method.
  • Deep water culture: the plant is completely submerged in full bucket of nutrient solution. Place an air pump to oxygenate the plants and prevent roots from rotting. This method is easy for beginners.
  • Drip irrigation: this is the method which can save both water and nutrients. Drop the nutrient solution to the plants by using a dripper. The unabsorbed excess solution drain to a reservoir by exposing roots into air.
  • Nutrient film technique: placing plant in an inclined surface for reaches of pumping water in top to end. The roots of plants put into the tube of flowing nutrient solution. We can cultivate more plant by using this method.
  • Wick system: plants are growing tray which is filled with clay pebbles. Place a water tank below the tray which contain several ropes, this ropes enter into growing medium which absorb nutrient solution and get into tray. We need not to water the plants.
  • Run to waste system: pots which contain plant connected from below to a common pipe, so that we can supply water and nutrients together to all plants.