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postheadericon What treatments are there for acne?

Acne can be a problem for many people and not only teenagers. Acne usually affects the face but it can also affect other oily areas, such as the upper back and chest. Although it is a physical condition that affects the skin, many people find they experience psychological issues due to the stress of living with the condition. It can be particularly difficult to deal with if you have a large event like a prom or graduation coming up. Thankfully, there are a number of treatment options, that will mean you can enjoy dancing around in your favourite Prom Dresses that can be found at as well as improving your everyday life.

To prevent acne from appearing you need to keep the skin clean using a mild cleanser while avoiding too many perfumed products or makeup which can clog the pores. Sometimes, no matter what you do, acne can still appear due to genetic reasons.

Self-help for acne

Treatment options for acne include self-help techniques, topical treatments and medication. For self-help options, you could try washing with a medicated cleanser. It is also important to limit touching the face so you do not spread the affected areas. Do not squeeze the spots and avoid vigorous washing as this can make matters worse. Make sure you drink lots of water to flush out your system and sleep on a clean pillow.

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You could also try special face washes and exfoliators. There are many sets of toiletries that could help problem skin. Gift sets are ideal for a loved one who is suffering from a skin condition.

Creams and gels

For topical treatments, you can try benzoyl peroxide which kills bacteria, unblocks the pores of your skin and reduces inflammation. This can treat mild acne cases. Another option is vitamin A gel which is a retinoid and can be effective in reducing the amount of oil the skin secretes, while it also helps to clear spots and blackheads. Vitamin A is vital for healthy skin, a healthy immune system and good eyesight.

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Another option is antibiotic cream which contains azelaic acid which can unblock pores. This cream also kills bacteria and does not cause sensitivity to sunlight, however, it can take a month to see any improvement.


Finally, you could try some medication from your doctor, such as antibiotics, co-cyprindiol or isotretinoin. Co-cyprindiol can work on hormonal causes of acne and acne that does not respond to antibiotics. Isotretinoin works like a powerful retinoid as it comes originally from vitamin A.